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X1 is the new Favorite house creation, designed specifically to offer a modern rod, extremely refined in details and finishes, at an incredible price. To allow all fans to be able to use a rod with superior performance at a very affordable price.

The frame is made of high modulus IM24T carbon, produced with MLS technology - Multi Layer Structure, a particular production process that assembles various module carbon fibers in different directions to obtain an extra fast action.

All this increases power and resistance to torsion of the barrel and at the same time reducing the overall weight.

Ideal for those looking for a particularly reactive rod in the central part, with a sensitive tip.

The handle is made of high-quality EVA. Short to facilitate the action of fishing but at the same time comfortable on the reel seat to ensure a comfortable and safe grip.

Reel seat in graphite, reinforced, with rear screw closure. Rings with K profile and SIC stone. On the summit a series of micro rings allows the perfect alignment of the line to guarantee precise castings and long range.

X1 are rods suitable for those who enter the world of spinning, able to totally satisfy even the most experienced angler.


FAVORITE ROD X1 662ML 6.6ft./4-18gr.

FAVORITE ROD X1 602L 6.0ft./3-12gr.

FAVORITE ROD X1 602UL 6.0ft./0.5-5gr.

FAVORITE ROD X1 662L 6.6ft./2-10gr.

FAVORITE ROD X1 662ML 6.6ft./4-18gr.

FAVORITE ROD X1 702L 7.0ft./6-12gr.

FAVORITE ROD X1 702M 7.0ft./5-21gr.

FAVORITE ROD X1 702MH 7.0ft./7-28gr.

FAVORITE ROD X1 702ML 7.0ft./4-18gr.

FAVORITE ROD X1 762M 7.6ft./7-24gr.

FAVORITE ROD X1 802M 8.0ft./7-21gr.